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Geologic exploration

Geoservice Engineering AD carries out geological research of metallic and non-metallic minerals, by sliding conventional core drilling with straight circulation, as drilling can be both vertical and inclined to 45°. Following drilling systems are used for drilling:

Single-walled core tube:
This type drilling systems are used in rigid and solid rock formations. The percentage of extracted core is between 50 and 70% (in certain circumstances even more). To extract the core is necessary to hoist the drill rod towards the surface during each passage. Carbide and diamond cutting tools are used. Depths and diameters vary, as may be specified for each project according to the requirements of client.

Dihedral core tube:
This type drilling systems are used for cracked, tectonic treated with varying hardness rock varieties. Advantages compared to the single-wall option are that the drilling core does not come into direct contact with the washing solution, giving clear and accurate results. This drilling approach ensure also higher percent extracted core — over 85%. Completion of each passage is accompanied by hoisting the drill rod completely out of the well. It is possible to use both carbide and diamond cutting tools. Depths and diameters vary and can be adjusted to the requirements of the client.

Extractable core tube:
This is the most current and cutting-edge technology in exploratory drilling. It enables exploring the most diverse in composition formations with very high rates of extracted core — 98-100%. The speed of drilling is very high, because the drill rod is not hoisted to the surface during each passage. Several options of this type of system are used: dihedral option, which is designed for standard drilling conditions and tricuspid option, which allows extraction of core in certain special cases, such as tectonic zones, heavily fractured intervals, and strongly flooded unrelated materials. It is also possible to use a telescopic approach in the wells, which greatly increases the depth of drilling — up to 2500 meters, and in some cases even more. There is wide range of cutting tools for all types of geological formations. This technology allows the use of tools for the orientation of the core, inclinometry, etc., with extremely high accuracy.

Geoservice Engineering AD performs also many types of non-standard performances which parameters are defined by our customers. In these cases we always come to productive decision following a discussion. If you do not see what you need, please contact us HERE.